Project Home 2011 research colleague
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart

Project Home 2011 Research colleague Matthew Mitchel Urquhart

Matthew Mitchel Urquhart
research colleague
Project Home 2011

Background information

Birth name : Matthew Mitchel Urquhart

Born :
September 30, 1966, Warwick, Rhode Island,

Occupations :
Research Student, Mechanical Engineer, Machinist

Work in Project Home 2011
Years active June, 1979 to January 1, 2011

West Ridge School, Southington, Connecticut, -1971 until 1978

Talcott Mountain Science Center, Avon, Connecticut, -1979

Project Home 2011, Enfield, Connecticut, -06/01/1979 until successful completion on 01/01/2011

Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield, Connecticut, -2004 until 2009
High School graduation and college graduation combined at same school- part of link between Enfield public high schools and Asnuntuck College; A.S. Degree, Machine Technology-05/29/2009

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Enfield, Connecticut, -Inducted in 2006

Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities National Honor Society, Enfield, Connecticut, -Inducted in 2009

Biographical life history

Early life
Born Matthew Mitchel Urquhart on September 30, 1966 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart moved to Southington, Connecticut United States in 1969 at age 2.
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart began elementary school at West Ridge elementary school in Southington, Connecticut in 1971. While at West Ridge, multiple teachers recommended that Matthew Mitchel Urquhart be moved ahead a grade. By 1978, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart was moved ahead a total of 2 grades completely skipping Junior High School. In January 1979, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart started classes at Talcott Mountain Science Center in Avon, Connecticut.
In late 1978, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart lost his parents when Matthew Mitchel was 12. Friends from school let Matthew Mitchel stay with them for the first 6 months of 1979. Then Matthew Mitchel Urquhart moved into the housing provided by Project Home 2011 in June 1979 in Enfield, Connecticut for the scientific research project along with fellow colleague John Obik. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart attended public schools in Enfield, and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart worked at the Project Home 2011 Lab also in Enfield, Connecticut.

Matthew Mitchel Urquhart works in
Project Home 2011 beginning at age 12

A talent scout, Mrs. Jackie James, Acting Agent from Australia based Envirotech E.A. LTD recruited Matthew Mitchel Urquhart for Project Home 2011 in the spring of 1979 after making contact with Matthew Mitchel at Talcott Mountain Science Center in 1979. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart was one of two 12-year-olds chosen for the Project Home 2011 research grant out of hundreds of adolescents who applied. To qualify, the candidate student had to pass thorough background checks as the selected students chosen for Project Home 2011 would have high responsibilities for keeping track of expenditures and managing the funds which cover the research costs of the project allocated to them through a trust fund from Envirotech E.A. LTD from 1979 to 2011.
When Matthew Mitchel Urquhart was accepted to Project Home 2011 in the spring of 1979, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart withdrew from the high school he was to attend, Enfield High School, in order to attend Project Home 2011 which would complete when Matthew Mitchel Urquhart is 44 years old. Being without parents, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart was able to do this.
Project Home 2011 provided modest student housing through locally rented rooms in the Enfield, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas near the Project Home 2011 Laboratory location off of Elm Street in Enfield, Connecticut from 1979 to 2011 for Matthew Mitchel Urquhart and fellow chosen colleague for Project Home 2011. Matthew Mitchel attended public schools for his traditional education. A dividend for meals and basic amenities for both of the students, 6-month progress report forms and reports for materials acquisitioned to explain what the reason for a purchase was for was supplied to both students. Material acquisitions were usually for test models of vehicles or subassembly components for the main apparatus being constructed for the main thesis of Project Home 2011.
Manchester, Connecticut is where the Project Home 2011 completion site is and Matthew Mitchel became temporarily involved with Manchester schools.
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart finished high school through the local college in Matthew Mitchel's hometown of Enfield, Connecticut. Project Home 2011 is what brought Matthew Mitchel Urquhart to Enfield, and that is where Matthew Mitchel met his permanent family, all of his friends and went to school. Being two years ahead academically, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart graduated high school earlier than planned, in 2009 through college graduation which was earlier than planned. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart attended advanced high school college courses to finish high school at the college Matthew Mitchel Urquhart would also get his college degree from. Project Home 2011 had it planned that the two colleagues, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart and John Obik, who left high school in 1979 to participate in Project Home 2011, would graduate from both high school and then college near the end of the project in 2011 when the project was nearing completion and the work load was lighter. At the beginning of Project Home 2011, high school would have interfered with the project.
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart completed high school through a system of the town of Enfield, Connecticut public schools that links the high schools with Asnuntuck College in Enfield so that advanced high school students can attend college while still in high school, and take classes at Asnuntuck that count toward their high school credits. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart attended high school this way at Asnuntuck as Enfield High School. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart graduated high school and college two years ahead of his class in 2009. It was planned for Matthew Mitchel Urquhart to graduate high school and college in 2011. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart's attendance of high school at Asnuntuck College was that of a typical high school student, including Matthew Mitchel Urquhart attending his prom in December 2007 with his prom date Katheryn, and almost being in his school's yearbook, but after the economic crash of 2008, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart's High School/College Asnuntuck in Enfield, Connecticut was not able to have a yearbook for 2009 due to lack of funds, which was Matthew Mitchel Urquhart's High School and College combined graduating class at Asnuntuck.
From 1980 to 1992, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart spent most of his free time with friends and acquaintances around Springfield, Massachusetts less than 10 miles where Matthew Mitchel lived at the time. From 1992 to 1999 Matthew Mitchel expanded his circle of friends up into the Amherst, Massachusetts area. The Project Home 2011 Lab, and the high school and college, Asnuntuck were all close together in Enfield, Connecticut. Matthew Mitchel would attend college in Enfield starting in 2004.
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart and fellow colleague John Obik were both accepted to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts in 2001, and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart with colleague John Obik gave a seminar demonstrating their electrostatic device in 2002 at Springfield College while taking courses in computer technology which Envirotech E.A. LTD paid for.
In 2003, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart was accepted to the University of Massachusetts.
In 2010, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart has also been accepted to the University of Connecticut, University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University and University of New Haven.
Noted accomplishments from
Project Home 2011
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart is an engineer, physicist, scientist, and Certified Machinist. He is the co-author of ''Principles of electrostatic forces and energy transference'' (1988).
ISBN: 978-1-4951-0039-0
His work in Project Home 2011 (1979-2011, part of a scientific research project called D.A.W.O.L. 2020 that succeeds in 2020, funded by an Australian investment firm) is the first major-length work on the study of quantum mechanics and electromagnetic forces which combines generally accepted practices of scientific research with the development of equations with electromagnetism that contributed to the development of innovations. Devices engineered by Matthew Mitchel Urquhart and fellow colleague John Obik in Project Home 2011 demonstrated their findings on public television shows such as "Planet Forward". Matthew M. Urquhart received his degree in machine technology from Asnuntuck College in Enfield, Connecticut, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa international honor society, and received an award by the college when inducted into Who's Who among students in American Colleges and Universities national honor society in 2009 for his work in Project Home 2011.
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 2009, Randall Reilly publishing, 75th volume (2009), p 628

Matthew Mitchel Urquhart beyond
Project Home 2011
Matthew Mitchel Urquhart graduates college completely debt free in 2009 with Project Home 2011 and Envirotech E.A. LTD paying for Matthew Mitchel Urquhart's and fellow colleague John Obik's college educations in full, inclusive of all costs. Matthew Mitchel Urquhart received a degree in machine technology with a 3.8 Grade Point Average, was awarded special recognition for his work in Project Home 2011, and inducted into several national and international honor societies between 2006 and 2009.
In October 2015, Matthew Mitchel Urquhart takes the knowledge and experience from Project Home 2011 and his college education which Matthew Mitchel Urquhart acquired while working at Project Home 2011 to begin steps toward acquiring his first employment beyond Project Home 2011, five years after the project's completion on January 01, 2011, and the 5-year post-Project Home 2011 work completion on November 12, 2015, the year Matthew Mitchel then starts getting established with Project Home 2011 done successfully. Both Matthew Mitchel Urquhart and John Obik home for good as of January 1, 2011.